Warm Snow: True Ending Guide

Warm Snow True Ending Guide

Are you ready to unlock the true ending of Warm Snow? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll show you how to access the elusive true ending by collecting most of the relevant lore items.

There are 35 of them in total, and while you don’t necessarily need all of them, it’s highly recommended that you collect as many as possible, especially the ones that reveal the true status of the game’s main characters.

We’ll also share some tips on how to find these lore items, including the importance of destroying debris and destructibles in mini-boss areas like the Jade Concubine area in Chapter 4.

After obtaining all the necessary lore items, you’ll face the Tiger Captain boss and be given the option to “Leave” or spare him. Finally, after defeating the final boss, the Dragon Emperor, you’ll be able to select “The Blood” and experience the game’s true ending.

So gear up and let’s dive in!

How to Unlock True Ending

To access the true ending of the game, you need to collect most of the relevant lore items. There are 35 lore items in total, and you must click on “unlock” to obtain them. However, it’s not necessary to collect all of them to access the true ending, but it’s recommended, especially the ones that reveal the true status of the main characters.

In addition to collecting lore items, it’s essential to destroy any debris or destructibles that you come across, especially in mini-boss areas. Destroying destructibles in the Jade Concubine area (Chapter 4) will drop a lore item.

Once you have obtained all the required lore items, there will be a new option available after defeating the Tiger Captain (Chapter 4 boss, the one who can use lightning). To access the true ending, choose the “Leave” option or don’t kill him.

After defeating the final boss (Chapter 5, Dragon Emperor), you will have the option to select “The Blood,” which will lead you to the true ending.

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