UnMetal: Guide to Achieve UnPerfect Score

Guide to Achieve UnPerfect Score

A guide detailing how to achieve an UnPerfect score screen at the end of each chapter of UnMetal.

UnPerfect Score Guide



I used this guide as a reference as to where to look, but I tested what I could find from that guide myself to make sure what the requirements are for each chapter. That guide is incomplete and hasn’t been updated in months, so I’m creating my own after figuring things out for myself after my own testing.

The only chapter I haven’t fully tested is Chapter 9, but I’m pretty sure the requirements listed are accurate.

This guide may contain spoilers!!!

I highly recommend playing through the game once on your own before referring to this guide!!!

Perfect Requirements

Getting a “Perfect” score at the end of a chapter requires you to obtain all the EXP and Secrets available in a given chapter. This means defeating all guards that can provide EXP without being spotted, and fighting bosses that might otherwise be able to be skipped.

For the secrets, the only requirement is that you open the container of the specific item that counts toward giving you the Secret as part of the score. You do not need to collect any of the items in the secret room for it to count as finding the secret. For example, if you go to the secret room in Chapter 1, break open the terminal to have the Stamina upgrade drop, you’ve done all you need to do. You do not need to actually collect the Stamina upgrade.

UnPerfect Requirements

In addition to getting all the EXP and Secrets in a given level, there are hidden conditions that will give you an UnPerfect score.
These requirements usually will make things take longer or be more difficult than playing normally or only going for a Perfect score.

ChapterEXPHighest Level by End of ChapterSecretsContentsConditions
11821– Stamina– Pick 2 guards
21242– Stamina x2– Overfeed dog (6 times)
– Pick 2 dozen tentacles
31852– Stamina x2
– Bullet Slot x3
– Bullets
– Medkit x1
– Destroy all flying drones
– Pick GRD
4964– Stamina x4
– Bullet Slot
– Destroy all turrets (no miss)
– Collect the Mine Detector
– Build the Compass
52272– Stamina
– Bullets
– Cigarette x2
– Bulletproof Vest
– Don’t Take Damage
– Do Papers Sidequest
– Defeat Drill Sergeant
6982– Grenade Slot
– Bullet Slot x3
– Stamina
– Don’t take damage
71292– Stamina
– Bullets
– Grenades
– Rocket x1
– Medkit x2
– Grenade Slot
– Bullet Slot
– Pick up the extra 10 mil
– Don’t miss during both boss fights
8292– Stamina x2
– EMP Grenade x3
– Use 7 EMP Grenades or less
930103– Blood Bag
– Grenade x3
– Bullets
– Grenade Slot
– Relic
– Restrain all scandinavians
– Get Jericho File
– Get Robert’s Photos
– Get Labyrinth Map
– Don’t take damage vs Samurai Boss
– Don’t take damage in the labyrinth
100101Stamina– Read Digital Mini-Artbook (can hold B to skip)
– Don’t miss shooting flying drones
– Don’t take damage (wire bleed OK)

The “Contents” column refers to the contents of the secret room as part of the secret.
The items listed in bold under the Contents column are the “Secret” you need to find for it to count towards the score. You do not need to collect the item, it just needs to appear.
None of the other items count toward the game counting it as a found secret.

For more information on where to find the secrets, you can refer to this guide.

Chapter 1

Simply select “2” when Jesse mentions how many guards appeared.
You will need to get EXP from both of them for you to be able to get UnPerfect.

Chapter 2

There is a dog that blocks your path at one point.
After finding the meat to distract it, feed it at least 6 times to overfeed it.

At the Sewerjunk boss fight, pick 2 for 2 dozen tentacles.

Chapter 3

When you reach the 2nd floor, simply make sure you destroy all the drones.

When you get to the 3rd floor, select GRD when it asks you.

Chapter 4

– Destroy all the turrets in the basement without missing (including the Turret Storm boss)

– Collect the Mine Detector

– Build the Compass

You do not actually need to use the Mine Detector or the Compass, but they need to be in your inventory. For the compass, it won’t count if you only have the parts of the compass, you must combine the compass frame with the needle to create the full compass for it to count.
It doesn’t matter when you build it, as long as you do it before finishing the chapter.

Chapter 5

– Don’t take any damage throughout the chapter.

– Do the Papers side mission where you get the guard’s papers stamped for his leave and return it to him

– Defeat the Drill Sergeant

Chapter 6

Don’t take any damage throughout the entire chapter.

Chapter 7

Pick up the extra 10 million dollars after giving 50 million dollars to the boat guy.

Don’t miss a single shot (or grenade throw) when fighting both the Nuclear Submarine as well as the Helicopter.

Chapter 8

Use 7 EMP Grenades or less.
7 is the minimum number of grenades needed to pass through all the unavoidable cameras.

Chapter 9

– If selecting Scandinavians, all must be restrained by string.
I do not know if it is possible to get UnPerfect by selecting Exterminators and destroying them all.

– Collect the Jericho File, Robert’s Photos, the Labyrinth Map, and the Radiation Suit
I know for sure you need to collect the Radiation suit, but I haven’t tested the others, yet.

– Don’t take damage vs the Samurai boss

– Don’t take damage in the Labyrinth

Chapter 10

– Read the Digital Mini-Artbook
Stand in front of this desk from the bottom to read the artbook.
You do not actually have to read it and can just quickly skip it by holding your assigned skip button.

– Don’t miss any shots when taking out the flying drones in the first phase of the final boss

– Don’t take any damage during this chapter. The forced bleeding that the general gives you with the rusty wire doesn’t negate UnPerfect.


Feel free to double-check and confirm any of these requirements. Especially chapter 9.
I hope you found this guide helpful.

So that is it for today. You guys can bookmark our page for more crazy and amazing guides. Officially written and produced by タムロ’s. I hope it helped you guys and made your day.

Thank you

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