Tiny Rogues: Upgrade The Broken Hero Sword

Tiny Rogues Upgrade The Broken Hero Sword

The following steps outline the complete process for upgrading the broken hero sword. Based on past experience, these steps can be followed in almost every attempt, provided that the materials required for the sword are given priority.

Upgrade The Broken Hero Sword

Basic Requirements

  • Broken Hero Sword (starting item)
  • 120 Gold
  • Blacksmith Whetstone
  • Mythril
  • -Flex Material

Step by Step


  • For optimal results in a melee build, it is highly recommended to start with the Broken Hero Sword as the initial weapon. This weapon is not entirely dependent on good RNG and can be a wise investment.
  • It is important to collect Gold as quickly as possible, with a goal of reaching 60 gold to be prepared for the appearance of the blacksmith. If the blacksmith is encountered early in the run, it is advisable to upgrade the Broken Hero Sword to +2, but it is necessary to obtain Mythril before upgrading to +3.
  • When reaching boss rooms, prioritize collecting Mythril as soon as it is available, which can appear as early as the first boss, but typically within the first two to three floors.
  • Once both Mythril and enough gold to upgrade the Broken Hero Sword to +3 have been acquired, head to a blacksmith to upgrade to a Hero Sword. While the Hero Sword is useful on its own, the ultimate goal is to acquire the final version. If additional gold is available, consider upgrading the Hero Sword to +3.

If a rare or uncommon weapon is found, followed by a tavern with the Knight, take advantage of the free whetstone as early as possible to aid in later upgrades. However, do not use the whetstone for early stage weapon upgrades, as it is one of the few ways to upgrade to +4.

Final Form

Once the Hero Sword is in your possession, the -flex material can now spawn as early as the next boss room. It is highly recommended to obtain the -flex material as soon as possible. The -flex material can be various elementals, such as Heatflex (fire and inflicts burn), Voltflex (lightning and inflicts shock), Iceflex (Ice and inflicts Chill), Toxiflex (toxic and inflicts poison), or Darkflex. Each version has slightly different characteristics, but they generally fire multiple shots per swing in a wide arc.

When the Hero Sword is at a sufficient quality, the knight at the tavern will give you a whetstone. To upgrade to the final version of the Hero Sword, it must be upgraded to +4 while the -flex material is in your inventory. Whetstones are the easiest way to upgrade melee weapons to +4, and the knight gives you one for free if you can show him a sufficiently rare equipped weapon. It is suggested to grab the whetstone whenever possible, but there is no need to visit the tavern if there is no rare weapon to show the knight.

The fully upgraded sword is a masterwork and scales with all attributes at level A or higher, depending on the elemental you have. Even if your build went in a different direction, this sword is still a decent upgrade from most weapons that may be found otherwise. If the gold is available, the sword can still be upgraded further with another whetstone, at a blacksmith, or if the mythril forge is found on lower floors. The “Nature’s Wrath” perk works well with it, for an intelligence/Hero Sword combo.

Enchanting the new weapon is also an option to further increase its stats.

That’s it for the Guide. I hope you guys appreciate it and are Thankful to¬†GradiusIII for his wonderful guide. He nailed it!

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