The Quarry: Save File Location

The Quarry Save File Location

This guide provides instructions on how to back up and restore your save game in The Quarry, a game where your choices have consequences.

How to Save Game

To find the Save Game Directory, navigate to This

  • PC > C: Drive > Users > Your Username > AppData > Local > TheQuarry > Saved.

Note that the AppData folder is hidden by default, but can be shown by going to View > Options > View > Hidden Files and folders > Show hidden files, folders, and drives.

To make accessing this folder quicker, you can create a desktop shortcut by right-clicking the “TheQuarry” folder and selecting Send To > Desktop.

To back up your save, right-click the “Saved” folder and select Copy. Then, paste it into another folder somewhere else (e.g. create a folder called “The Quarry Saves” on your desktop and create a new sub-folder for each save, naming it after the chapter or area for easy reference).

To restore your save, exit the game and copy the backup “Saved” folder back into the default

  • AppData > Local > TheQuarry > Saved.

Launch the game and click continue on the Title Screen to resume where you left off. You can keep as many backups in sub-folders as you’d like!

That’s it for the Guide. I hope you guys appreciate it and are Thankful to 666 for his wonderful guide. He nailed it!

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