TF2: How to get Free Items

TF2 How to get Free Items

This guide will show you the easiest methods of getting free steam points, items, scrap, and cosmetics in Team Fortress 2 (tf2).

Get Free Items

This guide will show you quick and easy methods of getting TF2 items and Steam Points.

Some have multiple methods, and some don’t, and it’s up to you what method you may choose.

(Please be mindful, that I, the creator of this guide, am not responsible for any of the following actions, accidents, and/or incidents: Scamming, Death, Failure, Misinformation, Broken Friendships, Abuse, Manipulation, etc.)

Steam Points

Now there are a few ways to go about achieving Steam Points.


Make a crappy joke guide.
No, I’m serious, that’s how you rake in that steam dough.


Make a well thought out and helpful guide.
Yeah, from what I’ve seen these are the simplest and easiest methods to rake in points from awards.

TF2 Items

Some pretty handy dandy methods exist for this


Random Drop System:
It’s not the best and definitely not the quickest but it works.

You can actually abuse this to some extent using AFK community servers, just be sure to leave your PC on all night or until you get home from something. The game only allows a certain amount of drops per week so enjoy those drops while they last.


You can go to trade servers or use a service like to trade duplicate weapons or spare scrap for anything that’s available, probably the most effective way to get scrap and weapons, but still somewhat relies on the RDS (Random Drop System) for said dupes or unwanted weapons. But you can also hoard your refined until you can trade for a hat that YOU want.

Sadly if you want an efficient way to get cosmetics you’re either gonna have to spend money on keys for crates and cases, which cost $2.50 USD on the MannCo Store, or from recent sources, somewhere around 70-80 Refined Metal, OR, USE METHOD 3!


Crafting and Achievements:
You can actually craft weapons and cosmetics with scrap and other weapons, though the crafting menu is really ♥♥♥♥♥♥ and probably the only thing you’re gonna use it for is wasting refined on crafting a random hat.

But, you can earn achievements to unlock special achievement items that can be used for classes, such as The Eyelander, Wrangler, Force-A-Nature, and Sandvich.
Each class has a Melee, Primary, and Secondary Achievement Item.

Don’t forget about Promotional Hats, which can be achieved from other games. Sadly most of the Hats are retired, and I’m too lazy to explain them.

That’s it for the Tf2 guide. I hope you guys appreciate it and are Thankful to Deeds for his wonderful guide. All credits belong to his effort If you find this guide useful, kindly rate it on the Steam Community.

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