SteamVR: How to Fix Valve Index Black Screen issues

SteamVR How to Fix Valve Index black screen issues

This issue arises when the blue lights on the front of the Valve Index are on, the Index screen remains dark, and SteamVR reports “headset display disconnected”. We will discuss how can you fix this problem.

It is related to the Valve Index virtual reality headset. When the blue lights on the front of the Index are on, but the screen remains dark, it indicates that the headset display is disconnected. The recommended fix involves checking all headset connections, moving USB and DisplayPort connections to different ports, and power-cycling the headset by unplugging and replugging the breakaway connector.

Valve Index black screen Fix Guide

Here’s what you can do to Fix it:

  1. Check all the headset connections and move the USB and DisplayPort connections to different ports if available.
  2. Unplug and replug the breakaway connector to power-cycle the headset and restart SteamVR.

If the headset remains in standby mode, try reinstalling USB drivers for SteamVR devices:

  1. Reinstall USB drivers for SteamVR devices by navigating to the SteamVR status window, selecting Menu > Developer > Developer Settings > Remove All SteamVR USB Devices, and reconnecting the headset to the USB port.
  2. Unplug the Valve Index power cable and leave it unplugged for a minute before plugging it back in.

Visual noise:

This issue is characterized by the display showing random coloured pixels that quickly sparkle and disappear, also known as visual static or artifacts. They’re generally noticeable when looking at something dark in VR.

Replacing the Cable:

The Valve Index cable is suspected to be the culprit for these faults, which may cause the black screen issue to repeat. Replacing the cable with a new one may solve both the black screen and visual artifacts issues.

RMA and Replacement:

If the Valve Index is within the warranty period, the user may request an RMA. If the warranty has expired, the user can purchase replacement parts from the ifixit website, which has a listing for the relevant Valve Index Tether and Trident Cables and a guide on how to remove and insert a new cable.

I hope you guys find this guide helpful we would like to add references like Hudson633 wonderful guide that helped us write this article. Part of this Steam help page addresses the issue

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