Star Valor: 100% Achievements Guide

Star Valor 100% Achievements Guide

Hello everyone, this guide should help you complete all the achievements in Star Valor.
You probably have a few hours (more like 30+) in the game and decided to finish all the remaining achievements.

Hopefully, this will help ya. Use CTRL+F to find a specific achievement.
p.s: many of these achievements will require you to start a new game so getting a perk called Acquired Wisdom and starting every new game with it will make your life easier as progress will go faster.

Feel free to correct me or add anything in the comments, would gladly accept any help to add to this guide.

100% Achievements Guide

Trial by Fire:
Defeat 10 enemy ships.
You for sure gonna have it kek

Guardian Angel:
Save 10 Civilian, Syndicate and/or PMC ships from pirate attacks.
also ez one, defend ships from pirates

Near miss:
Escape from an Asteroid Rush alive.
ez, you have it 100%, if not then play the game warp into a standalone star that is not connected with any other, and most likely you will get the asteroid rush system, then warp anywhere else.

Complete the tutorial and choose PMC faction OR become honored with the PMC as Outis Background.
This one will be unlocked by you in the beginning, unless you are like me and went on a rampage killing everyone with pirates.
Start a new game, follow tutorial AND join PMC (should take you about 5 mins)

Fully explore 10 sectors.
Clear the fog of war on 10 sectors. ez

Complete the tutorial and choose the Syndicate faction OR become honored with the Syndicate as Outis Background.
Start a new game, follow tutorial AND join Syndicate (should take you about 5 mins)

Gold rush:
Obtain 4 different metals from a single asteroid (basic ore doesn’t count).
Keep mining if you still don’t have this one.

Help defend a station against an attack fleet your level or higher, doing more than 10% of total damage.
Straight forward, do what it says.

Explore 100 Sectors.
Warp around more if you still don’t have it.

The Real Space Janitor:
Destroy 200 units of Junk
Pick up junk and destroy it from your inventory.

Hard Worker:
Reach Geology 25 before having 25 in any other knowledge.
For this one you have to make sure that your mining skill levels up ’till 25 faster then the rest of the skills.

Become honored with the Venghi as Outis, Miner or Trader Background.
Grind reputation with the green guys up to honored (3k), accept their invite.
Do quests or kill rebels.

Acquired Wisdom:
Reach level 50.
Play, play, play..

Star Killer:
Destroy a Venghi space station.
ez one too, you can go for a low level station if you find it hard.

White Collar:
Sell over 20k of trade goods in a single sale, while honored with the Syndicate and PMC, as Trader or Miner background.
Make sure you have trader or pmc background, get 3k rep with both of them and then do a single sale for 20k.

Help an attack fleet defeat a station your level or higher, doing more than 10% of total damage.
ez just do as it says.

Become honored with the Children of Terra as Outis, Miner or Trader Background AND complete the quest ‘Enlist’.
Get 3k rep with rebels, by killing greens or better by destroying their station, accept the invite from rebels and you got it.

Space Janitor:
Clear 10 Asteroid Fields
mine, mine, mine..

A True Miner:
Mine Iridium.
get lvl 50 in mining, then mine iridium.

Destroy an Independent, Syndicate or PMC space station.
simple enough

The Last Starfighter:
Defeat an attack fleet your level or higher, doing more than 80% of the total damage.
make sure you are strong enough to do this one, you can also cheese it with station repair, just have to do a lot of dmg.

Reach Space Pilot 25 before having 25 in any other knowledge.

Another skill based one, destroy enemy ships as a solo until you reach lvl25 space pilot.

Destroy a CoT space station.
Destroy rebels station.

Self Reliant:
Reach level 10 without buying any equipment or ship, while having no faction beyond neutral reputation.
very ez, start as an outis, fly around and fully explore sectors.

Retreat from 10 combats with Civilian, Syndicate and/or PMC ships without damaging them.
hit and run dxdx

Combat Genius:
Defeat an elite (silver star) enemy, that has a ship at least 2 sizes bigger and is at least 2 levels higher than you, without assistance.
fly in the enemy sectors until you get your target.

Attack and destroy 20 Civilian, Syndicate and/or PMC ships.
kos things

Fun With Maps:
Fully explore a large Nebula sector.
takes a bit, easier if you level scan perks, hard part is to find the large nebula.

Lone Wolf:
Reach level 30 while your Background Perk is Outis.
start as outis and don’t accept a background change quests.


Battle Rush:
Defeat any Ravager Boss before reaching level 10.
This is can be cheesed ez with a lot of rockets, hard part is to find the low level system with boss, but before you warp make sure to save. This will allow you to re roll the boss if he has the PD weapons that can destroy your rockets. I actually got extremely lucky and got a boss on my first warp. So all I had to do is to buy rockets and destroy the big guy.

Destroy 100 ships your level or higher, up to Corvette size, flying a Corvette or smaller ship.
simple enough

Reach Tech Level 25 before having 25 in any other knowledge.
Scan debris, scrap tech and weapons ezpz

Have a crew member evolve to Legendary rarity.
oh boii this one can be hard. make sure you get the perk from social tree that doubles your chances for the evolve. Find low levels 1-5 blue gunners, pilots or whoever you need on your ship. Hope that they will evolve to the legendary rarity before they hit lvl 50 (most likely they will).

6 times, cause a space station to become hostile, then retreat.
hit and run

Reach 25 in Explorer before having 25 in any other knowledge.
warp and fully clear the fog of war of every sector, ez enough but takes time.

Battleship Raid:
Defeat 5 Ravager Bosses your level or higher, using a yacht or shuttle.
Same rocket cheese strat as with killing boss until level 10. Get your favourite yacht ship ready with some tech and lots of rockets. If the boss has a follower then kill him first. Make sure to save before each warp to be able to re roll the boss. Kite and shoot, ez.

Become honored with the Red Skull as Outis, Miner or Trader Background.
Easiest one, start as outis, kill civilian, pmc and trader ships. Destroying stations is even better.

Just Me and the Boys:
Reach Fleet Commander 25 before having 25 in any other knowledge.
Fly with your own fleet, hire mercenaries, destroy things, ez.

Have 40 different item stacks in your ship inventory, while flying a Shuttle or Yacht.
Buy a yacht. Buy every item on a station, transfer 1 of each items from your global stash; better if you can get your hands on the blueprints as they don’t have a weight and you can get around 10 of them from one tech station.

The Perfect Predator:
Destroy a higher level enemy that has full armor and a bigger ship than yours, within 3 seconds after emerging from cloak. Do it 5 times.
actually ez too, I did this one in a sector with enemy fleet. Kite a big ship from the fleet to follow you into let’s say an asteroid field, wait for the cloak to pop, delete enemy ship.

Congrats on your 100% game

This took me around 100 hours but I enjoyed the gam

Btw if you are getting chased by a group of ships and can’t defend yourself or use warp, fly to a closest friendly station or gate then save and load (F5 and F9). This basically resets the sector.

That’s it for the Guide. I hope you guys appreciate it and are Thankful to THERE IS NO FUTURE for his wonderful guide. All credits belong to his effort If you find this guide useful, kindly rate it on the Steam Community.

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