Sons Of The Forest – How to Utilize Kelvin Efficiently

How to Utilize Kelvin Efficiently

In this guide, I will provide you with valuable insights on how to make the most out of Kelvin. He’s an excellent resource for gathering materials and building structures, but like any tool, he has his limitations.

In this guide, I will share with you the tasks that Kelvin excels at, those he struggles with, and how to best utilize him to make your gameplay experience more efficient and enjoyable.

Utilize Kelvin Efficiently

The best way to utilize Kelvin is to let him gather fish. It’s an infinite food source, and he’ll do it as long as you like. The easiest way is to build two dams in a river – make sure it’s a spot where Kelvin can walk through water – and let Kelvin follow you between them. Then, tell him to Get -> Fish -> Drop here. The dam will catch the fish Kelvin drops, and they can be easily collected. Bonus point: You can eat fish raw without any penalty.

For everything else, I found it most useful to let him fill holders. The problem with all other commands is that when tasks have Give to me, he will follow you everywhere, even to the most inconvenient places, just to throw stuff in your face. The same goes for Get X and follow me. The only other useful option is Drop here for buildings further away from the holders.

When it comes to logs, however, there are a few things you should know. Kelvin appears to have a stamina and exhaustion bar, just like the player. If you tell him to Get -> Logs and he has to cut down the trees himself, he will take a break every now and then. The best way is to either use this as a “passive” way to get even more logs or to cut down the trees yourself and let him bring them to the holder. Unfortunately, as of now, he can only carry one log at a time.

Let’s get the most-asked questions out of the way:

If you really want to cut trees, build him a bench. He’ll recover from exhaustion much more quickly than just sitting on the ground.

Generally, he’s a great way to always keep your holders full. Another great way to utilize him is to tell him Build -> Finish Structures. This means that Kelvin will gather materials and build whatever blueprint you put in the world.


What Kelvin CAN’T do/SHOULDN’T be used for:

  • Combat: You can’t give him a weapon, and he’ll flee from enemies.
  • Getting logs when building a treehouse. It’s become a meme at this point.

What Kelvin can do but is not great at:

  • Exploring: He might get stuck because his pathfinding is sometimes awful or he bugs under the ice in winter.

What Kelvin can do and is great at and why:

  • Gathering logs, sticks, stones, and fish.
  • Building stuff.

All in all, Kelvin is great for those of us who like to build and need a hand with some tedious tasks. I hope I could help you!

So that is it for today. Officially written and produced by MissNooki’s.

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