Sons Of The Forest – How to fix the Seasons Desynchronization bug?

Sons of the Forest How to fix the Seasons Desynchronization bug

If you get the seasons de-sync in the lobby with your friends, we found the solution how to fix it.

Why is this bug happening?

If you create a cooperative world, you choose the start season is not the same as the default.
Let me remind you, the standard season is summer, then the host will have the start season that he chose, and all other players on the server will start in summer.

Solution to the Problem

All of the following actions should be done by the server host

Open folder:

  • Local drive C
  • Users
  • *Your PC username*

At this point you need to enable the display of hidden folders
The screenshot below shows how to do this on Windows 11.

For those who have Windows 10:

  • Appdata
  • LocalLow
  • Endnight
  • Sons of the forest
  • Saves
  • The folder will be named your Steam ID, it’s the only one – make no mistake
  • Multiplayer
  • 356712754 (Example) – ID of your save | Your numbers will be different

Then you need to open GameSetupSaveData with Notepad.

The parameter “StringValue\”:\”Normal\” should be set to Normal, if you have this bug, most likely you will have Custom.

The parameter “StringValue\”:Summer\ will most likely contain another time of year, which you set as starting time: Winter, Spring, Autumn. It is necessary that the starting time of the year must be Summer.

Then open the WeatherSystemSaveData file with Notepad.

We are interested in the parameter “_currentSeason\:(Number),\”.
Here you type in the desired season instead of (Number) after a “:”.

1 – Winter
2 – Spring
3 – Summer
4 – Autumn

That seems to be it, if we have understood correctly the correlation of numbers and seasons. If anything, you will find the desired time of year

It should look like this: “_currentSeason\”:3,\”

Also, after the _currentSeason parameter, there are other parameters with values.
All values after the “:” must be deleted.

Save and run!

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I hope it sorts out all of your related issues to this bug.

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