Project Zomboid: Useful Tips That you might not know

Project Zomboid Useful Tips That you might not know

Useful tips that you maybe did not know for Project Zomboid.

Home Tips


1. Crowbars can pull up floor boards so you can replace your icky, uneven, floor-boards.

2. (USEFUL) If your windows broken from a zed seeing you through it and deciding to get up to some mischief, you can use the crowbar to pry windows off other houses.
(chance of breaking window vary’s from carpentry level.)

Rain Collectors:

1. (not too educated in this because I’ve never done it before.)
If you have a pipe wrench, rain collector, sink, and a second story, (has to not have roof above it)
first you need to place the rain collector above the sink but on a second story, then you have to go up to the sink and select plumbing to hook it up to the rain collector.

Car Tips

Genuine Tips:

If you use the E key while in a car, it act’s like mint condition breaks. But be warned, if you do this randomly in the middle of a horde, it just about prioritizes you getting out of the car, so you may die.

2. (commonly known)
If you hold V while inside the car you can turn the heater on, pop a c-d in, or listen to some tunes on the radio.

3. (also, VERY commonly known)
If you go to the front and check under the hood, you can see what model the car is, how much gas is in the fuel tank, and the condition of the car.


(all info can be found on the wiki)
(this is in order from most Quiet to Loudest, not best)

1. Dash Bull-driver
Engine Loudness: 48
Engine Power (hp): 400-480
Very loud but this thing, it’s big, heavy, knocks zeds down with ease, and ready to party.
Looks sort of like the Chevalier D-6 (pickup truck) but with a cover over the trunk.

2. Chevalier D-6
Engine Loudness: 45
Engine Power (hp): 400
It’s loud, big, and strong.
I strongly recommend using this one for attracting zeds, and running em over.
Just like it’s big brother, the Dash Bull-Driver, they’re front looks the same, but this one has no cover over the trunk, just open to the air.

3. Franklin Valu-line
Engine Loudness: 40-44
Engine Power (hp): 240-490
Can either be very fast or very slow.
It’s a pretty nice car, good for moving stuff from one place to another but not much else.
This car looks sort of like a van.

4. Chevalier Step-Van
Engine Loudness: 40
Engine Power (hp): 370
Just like the Franklin, it’s good for moving things from one place to the other, it also looks like a van.

5. Franklin All-Terrain
Engine Loudness: 40
Engine Power (hp): 470
This car is definitely pleasing to the eye, medium speed, and pretty good for getting from place to place without getting into to much havoc with the dead. Sort of looks like a Jeep Cheroke

6: Dash Rancher
Engine Loudness: 36
Engine Power (hp): 440
Medium speed, sort of meh storage capacity, and personally not one of my favorites. Looks a lot like a Jeep offroader

7: Chevalier Cossette
Engine Loudness: 36
Engine Power: 570
This car is the fastest car in the game, so if your looking for something both fun, and something that slips through the neighborhood quickly, this is definitely the car for you. Oh trust me, you’ll know it when you see it.

8: Chevalier Cerise Wagon
Engine Loudness: 32
Engine Power (hp): 420
Pretty nice trunk storage and nice speed, definitely recommend as a starter car. looks like the car from family guy

9: Mercia Lang 4000
Engine Loudness: 32
Engine Power (hp): 520
It is the second fastest car in the game, very easy to mix up with the Dash Elite, and not to be messed with. Again, looks both like the Dash Elite and my old grammy’s sedan

10: Dash Elite
Engine Loudness: 32
Engine Power (hp): 500
Tied in both speed and loudness, with the Chevalier Primani, this car is the third fastest car in the game and definitely one of my top favorites. It sort of looks like my old grammy’s sedan

11: Chevalier Primani
Engine Loudness: 32
Engine Power (hp): 500
This one is easy to mix up with the Masterson Horizon in looks, but don’t be fooled, this one is faster, stronger, and overall better. Not sure how to describe this one in looks.

12: Chevalier Nyala
Engine Loudness: 32
Engine Power (hp): 400-480
This is a very good starter car, as in good for newbies and good for transport in a fresh server.

13. Masterson Horizon
Engine Loudness: 21
Engine Power (hp): 360
This car is sort of a meh based on my experiences with it, it’s slow, doesn’t carry much, and not very reliable. looks like the Chevalier Primani

14. Chevalier Dart
Engine Loudness: 21
Engine Power (hp): 360
This car is sort of fast, sort of reliable, and sort of good, kind of in the middle.
it looks small, sedan-ish like.

That’s it for the Project Zomboid Guide. I hope you guys appreciate it and are Thankful to bubbyheatwave for his wonderful guide. All credits belong to his effort If you find this guide useful, kindly rate it on the Steam Community.

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