Project Zomboid: Sandbox Settings Guide

Project Zomboid Sandbox Settings Guide

In this article, we will cover the basics of customizing your apocalypse by changing the sandbox settings. At the end, we will share some important things to keep in mind regarding the sandbox settings for beginners.

Sandbox Settings Guide

Here’s what you need to know before you adjust your sandbox settings:


This setting controls the number of zombies that will spawn in the game and how they will spawn in. A higher population means more zombies, while an urban setting will make it more likely for zombies to spawn in towns and cities rather than in rural areas. A uniform setting means that zombies will be evenly spread throughout the game world, which can lead to unexpected encounters in unexpected places.


This setting controls how far into the apocalypse your character is, which affects the state of the world and the availability of resources. It also controls how long each day is in the game, with the default being 1 hour of real-life time per in-game day. This can be adjusted to make the days longer or shorter.


This setting affects various aspects of the game world, including how often dead bodies are deleted, how long items remain before disappearing, and how effective refrigerators are. It also controls how quickly food will rot and be removed from the game world.


This setting affects the game’s environment, including how often it will rain, how long crops take to grow, and how much they will yield when harvested. It also affects the resilience of crops to disease.

Sadistic AI Director:

This setting controls various events in the game, such as the appearance of helicopters or gunshots. It allows you to adjust the frequency of these events and whether they can occur while you’re sleeping.


This setting affects how often you’ll find certain items in the game world, such as annotated maps or generators.

Loot Rarity:

This setting controls how much of certain types of loot will spawn in the game. It can be set to abundant, rare, or none, depending on your preference.


This setting affects your character’s abilities and needs, including how quickly they learn new skills, how fast they lose hunger and hydration, and how fast they regenerate stamina.

In-game Map:

This setting affects the appearance of the in-game map and how much information it displays.


This setting controls various aspects of the vehicles you’ll encounter in the game, such as how much gas they have, their condition, and how often they’re locked.

Zombie Lore:

This setting affects various attributes of the zombies in the game, such as their intelligence, strength, and senses.

Advanced Zombie Options:

This setting controls how and when zombies will respawn and move around in the game world. It allows you to adjust the rate at which new zombies appear and how many appear at a time.

I hope you guys find this guide helpful we would like to add references like WailedRanger wonderful guide that helped us write this article.

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