Pizza Tower: How to get the Shotgun on Any Level

Pizza Tower How to get the Shotgun in Any Level

Thought the shotgun in World 5 was super neat? Can’t get enough and want to try decimating other areas with it in Pizza Tower? Here’s how to bring the Shotgun anywhere.

The Shotgun

The shotgun, as you probably know, is a special transformation given in the levels WARDon’t Make A Sound, and The Crumbling Tower of Pizza. It removes your grab attack in exchange for a long-range instakill to normal enemies caught in the shotgun blast, as well as being able to shoot downwards replacing the ground pound. This is incredibly useful and somewhat makes up for tearing away your #1 momentum tool. In WAR, it also has the special gimmick of adding a unique timer that instantly causes your death upon ending.

Normally, you can’t take this to any other level. Fortunately for us, The Crumbling Tower of Pizza is not a normal level, rather being the Hub itself during Pizza Time, and the Debug Console can deal with that!

Debug Mode

Yes, that’s correct, Debug Mode! Pizza Tower has a fully-functioning debug console, which can be used to noclip through walls, swap levels, completely disable boss damage, show hitboxes, and more! The guide below contains information on activating Debug Mode, as well as enabling hard mode. Remember, you can press F5 to toggle the console window after activating it.

Huge thanks to the guide owner for helping me discover debug mode, as well as having the insanely creative idea of making images of the Pizza Tower font for the titles, an idea that I blatantly stole. Go cheer them on for their hard work, they deserve it!

Getting The Shotgun

The debug commands we’re interested in here are noclip and panic, with noclip doing the obvious and letting you move through walls, while panic toggles Pizza Time.

Method 1

  • Enter The Crumbling Tower of Pizza & grab the shotgun.
  • Enable the console & use the panic command to disable Pizza Time
  • Walk back into Staff Only and noclip through the now solid John Blocks. Grab to disable noclip.

Method 2

  • Go to Staff Only and noclip through this set of John Blocks. Grab to disable noclip.
  • Go through the loading zone & grab the shotgun.
  • Walk back into Staff Only and noclip back through the John Blocks. Grab to disable noclip.

What to do with the Shotgun?

Now that you have the shotgun, you know exactly what to do with it. Head over to any of the levels you want to annihilate and start blasting!

Transformations will NOT remove your shotgun. The moment you get back to normal, that thing is loaded and ready to turn your enemies into swiss cheese! Do note that the shotgun removing your grab makes specific maps impossible, either completely or without noclipping.

Regarding bosses, Pepperman is completely unbeatable since you need the grab and SPECIFICALLY the grab to attack their statue, as is Vigilante and PpizzaFace since you can’t take their gun. [BOSS 4] is still killable, though significantly tougher, since you need to bash them with a Mach Run. The Noise has no problems getting absolutely walloped, so shoot to your heart’s content!

So that is it for today. You guys can bookmark our page for more crazy and amazing guides. Officially written and produced by Qwontz’s. I hope it helped you guys and made your day.

What are ya doing still reading this? Get out there and blast some levels to pieces!

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