People Playground: How To Get The Inverse Teleportation Achievement

People Playground How To Get The Inverse Teleportation Achievement

In this guide, I will show you how to create the machine that will get you the Inverse Teleportation achievement.

Building The Machine

Make sure time is frozen. To do this, click the space bar. The space bar both pauses and resumes time. First, spawn a rotor. Freeze the base, which is the dark blue part below the actual wheel on the rotor. Then, spawn a dampening box on the right side of the rotor. Do not turn it on. Take the fixed cable and from the center of the dampening box, attach it to the side of the rotor.

Then, spawn a laser pointer on the left side of the rotor and freeze it. Make sure that the dampening box won’t block the laser when the rotor starts to spin it. There are four small black squares on the dampening box. Attach a wire from the laser pointer to the bottom right black box on the dampening box as seen in the image below.

The next step is to spawn mirrors. But before that, take note that the base of the rotor (the dark blue part) should be frozen and the laser pointer should be frozen. The dampening box and the rover wheel shouldn’t be frozen. Make sure to freeze the mirrors as well.

Spawn 1 mirror and place it. Make sure the laser pointer hits it and is deflected off it. In these photos, you can see the

fact that this is wrong for me because the dampening box would block the laser from the laser pointer. But in the second picture of the guide, you can see that it is correct. The other pictures with the laser pointer aren’t.

Make sure that when the box spins, it won’t touch the laser coming from the laser pointer. If it does, this will not work. The dampening box should never turn on. Place another mirror as shown below. Note that all mirrors need to be frozen and time should still be paused.

Next, spawn one last mirror, place it, and freeze it. Now, spawn a plank. Its name is just plank…
Place it how it is shown in the picture.

All mirrors and the plank should be frozen. The base of the rotor and the green laser should be frozen. The speed of the rotor should be 8000. And the dampening box should not touch the laser once it begins to spin.


First, hover over the rover base and click F. Then, wait. If the dampening box blocks the laser, you might have to restart as if you move the laser, the rotor won’t be able to spin. So, make sure that it is all correct. In the photo below, you see that the dampening box won’t block the laser.

Eventually, it will spawn a giant gun. Congratulations if this worked! The gun does work. You will receive the achievement. Thanks for reading

That’s it for the Peoples Playground Guide. I hope you guys appreciate it and are Thankful to matstaty03 for his wonderful guide. All credits belong to his effort If you find this guide useful, kindly rate it on the Steam Community.

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