PAYDAY 2 – Just Passing Through Achievement Guide Solo/Multiplayer

PAYDAY 2 Just Passing Through Achievement Guide Solo & Multiplayer

A guide for doing the Just Passing Through Achievement, which stipulates that you need to:
Complete the Hostile Takeover job in stealth within 7 minutes on solo, or 4 minutes on multiplayer, on the OVERKILL difficulty and above without killing any civilians.

Heist Overview

The heist consists of 4 objectives, listed in the game’s given order.

  • 1) Find Blackmail
  • 2) Steal Prototype
  • 3) Steal the Research
  • 4) Destroy the Lab Equipment

It is important NOT to do them in the order that the game gives them to you. If you do, then it will lead to additional objectives being created (dealing with a security team that takes time to get there, lengthening your time on the heist).

If you do the 3rd objective only after the first two are fully completed, you will encounter the security team.

See pictures for general locations of objectives:

First Floor / Basement Floor:

Second Floor:

Third Floor:

The best assets for this heist are:

  • Escape Van – South Parking (Entry)
  • South Parking Lot (Escape)
  • Open Door (Backup)
  • Zipline to the South Parking Lot (Additional Equipment)

Differences Between Solo and Multiplayer


Since you are solo, you are given 7 minutes and will be able to use the AI buffs to your advantage.

However, the obvious downside is that you can only be in one place at once. To make up for this, you will need extremely good luck in finding the lead scientist early.

This is because even though the objectives of securing the neo-2, finding the blackmail, and destroying the microscopes in the lab can be done using different paths, you MUST get the lead scientist’s access card in order to access the lab.

It is possible to do on solo, but you will be surprised at how easy it is to blow through it in multiplayer.

Recommended order of actions: Get access card from lead scientist, bag up evidence after searching the files, secure neo-2, get blackmail, run to another side of the entrance to the lab area, open lab access, and destroy all microscopes (CEO’s desk/cafeteria benches usually have keycards), take bags to van.


In multiplayer, you are given only 4 minutes to complete the entire heist.

The great part about doing multiplayer is that you can have multiple tasks done at once. Generally, I recommend at least three people and for ECMs to start being thrown down at the 30-second mark if you choose three people. If you go with four, you can use ECMs as soon as the map loads in and you will have enough time to use them all within the achievement time.

For my successful attempts at the multiplayer choice of achievement, I had three people delegated to the following tasks:

1. Secure NEO-2 (recommend you use the person that is stealth-averse, or does not feel confident in stealth since it is the simplest task)

2. Get an Access Card from Lead Scientist + Destroy Microscopes in Lab (recommend you use someone that knows the path of the lead scientist well, keycards are plentiful in this heist so that is not a primary concern)

3. Find Blackmail (recommend you use a person who is good at running stealth areas, big bank stealth veterans will excel in this task)

Objective 1 – Find Blackmail

There are three pieces of blackmail evidence: email, voicemail, and recording.

The email is found either on the second or third floor of the building within the offices (cubicles only), on the computers that are only turned on.

After searching the computer (takes 5 seconds), you will see this email on the right computer. There will also be an icon indicating it on your overlay.

The voicemail is found in the Chief of Security’s office (behind a locked door), order is random for each heist.

The recording is always in the CEO’s office on the third floor. The purchased asset will open the double doors so that you can access it easily.

Objective 2 – Steal Prototype

Securing the NEO-2 can be done very easily. If you want to do it without alarming the audience in the room, go to the receptionist area and open the door. You will see the keys on the right.

You will then use the keys on this box in the room behind the stage, and interact with the lever to lower the curtains.

While the curtains are lowering, run onto the stage and get the marketing director tied up before she runs off.

Then, get her to come to the keypad of the box, this will open the door without needing you to find and remember the code later on in the heist.

Alternatively, the code will be found in the safe here in her office, but she has never spawned anywhere but the stage for me on overkill.

Objective 3 – Steal the Research

Pictures of the scientist that you need to look for (looks like one of the default skins in Fortnite)

The scientist is very elusive, but based on RNG you could spawn very close to him, he tends to run around the front area of the building where you spawn on the south side, then goes into the lab on the left, and up the stairs on the left, and restarts his lap. There are some variances in this particular path, and sometimes he will just be in the conference room.

To increase your chances of a favorable path, do NOT use this intercom as it will change the paths of ALL scientists, including his.

Once you get him tied down, go down to the lab on the left and use the tag on the door, and begin searching all the shelves in that room.

After searching the right shelves, you will get three evidences to spawn on the floor in front of it. You will need four so make sure to get both of them before you start bagging.

Use the zipline you bought to make sure that the bags make it fast to the van.

Objective 4 – Destroy the Lab Equipment (microscopes)

This objective has two entrances, the inner wing of the lab has a door on the right, and there is one on the other side where you would enter from the entrance in front of the main building.

However, you need a keycard to get in, and it is very hard to not find one at this point in the heist. You can find it in:

  • Conference Room
  • Security Room
  • CEO’s Office
  • Cafeteria Area (In front of lab, next to food stand)
  • Janitor on the left of the room if you enter from the front entrance of the lab (Always spawns)

Once in, there will be 7 microscopes to shoot. You will have to shoot each one a few times until they cannot be broken anymore (Generally three times, recommended to bring a fast fire rate stealth weapon).

Video of successful multiplayer attempt:

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