Official Roadmap for Railroads Online

Railroads Online The Official Roadmap

Greetings everyone, We are thrilled to announce the release of the Official Roadmap for Railroads Online by the RO team today!

Their team has spent alot effort in diligently evaluating and prioritizing the most in-demand features to seamlessly incorporate them into the game.

Please find a brief outline of the roadmap below, which highlights the key updates.

Railroads Online Roadmap

“Completion of the Spline Update”

“Iron Hammer Update”
-Player Permissions
-kick players
-ban players
-in game text chat

“Wild Update”
-day & night time cycle

“New Digs Update”
-End of track device

“Road Bank Update”
-create and name a company
-send invitations to players
-Company balance
-Money transferable between players or companies

“Cartography Update”
-tracks, trains, trees, players, industries, and facilities are shown on the map
-telegraph office
-placeable markers
-velocipede & storage shed

“Eco Update”
-Rebalance the economy

“Stock & Shop Update”
-First 3 starting engines fully implemented
-Long warehouse style building
-transfer table
-engines & rolling stock can be modifications
-Research & Development
-Engine & Rolling stock durability

“New Roots Update”
-Fully modeled & Implemented first ⅓ of the loco tech tree
-Fully modeled & Implemented rolling stock tree

“Express Update”
-Character emotes for player to player hand signal interaction

“Villager Update”
-Passenger & Cabeese tech trees Fully modeled & Implemented
-Players can start a town
-passenger cars: transports workers to industries creating a boost of efficiency

“Revolution update”
-cranes can be upgraded
-multiple crane levels 1-3
-lever 1: normal manual cranes
-level 2: new gantry crane, automatic but only when workers are there
-level 3: fully automatic, and loads more in one go

“Branch Update”
-Fully modeled & Implemented (Remaining loco tech tree)

“C&C Update”
-Creative & Career (Gamemodes)

“Interactions United Update”
-UI update

“Stomping Grounds Update”
-Bug’s list knockout

Exit of Early Access

1.01(post early access)
-dedicated servers
-procedural switches
-mod/steam workshop support
-Landscape update

Thank You!

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