METAL GEAR SOLID V THE PHANTOM PAIN: Troublemakers and How to deal with them

METAL GEAR SOLID V THE PHANTOM PAIN Troublemakers and How to deal with them

In this guide, we will discuss troublemakers, and removing, dismissing, or sending them to KIA in this game.

Troublemakers and How to deal with them, a Rational & completed guide

For this, it’s much easier to do if you go for the Iscope upgrades right away, ya know, your binoculars.
If you find a troublemaker in the field, your best option is to interrogate them and then kill them, they do more harm than good despite their stats, if you can, off the troublemaker from afar unless he’s a mission target that NEEDS to be recruited, escorted, or protected.

If you find troublemakers within your ranks, no matter how good their skill is, dismiss them immediately.
Troublemakers can do 3 things to harm your units.


First, we have harassment troublemakers; these make your troops suffer PTSD even if they were never exposed to it before, too many Harassers as I call them can fill up a sick bay fast and overload your physicians with innumerable amounts of personnel suffering PTSD. The more harassment dished out at mother base, the more levels go down, along with morale and progress in the unit being harassed assigned to. Note that all units that have the troublemaker special / ability will affect the entire mother base, not just who they are assigned to work with. If they’re weak D / E classes for combat, send them on a high-estimated losses field battle that has no unique awards so they’re KIA. The quicker method is just to dismiss them, which I recommend for ALL troublemakers going forward.

“You may have been able to harass members of your own unit in the field given your rank, but you answer to me here. You can be put in the brig for re-education (not actually a feature) or we can just send you on a suicide mission, or dismiss you and throw you to the sharks. Your answer to me, so straighten up and get your shot together before I kick it in.”


This type of troublemaker will infect staff, they never wash their hands, never wipe themselves, they probably have a sick kink about sh’tting somewhere in public, they’re overall dirty people who probably would develop and spread C OVID to your base like wildfire. It’s best to dismiss this unit immediately before they infect staff.

“Wash. Your. Hands. You wanna spread viruses through the base? Nah, we ain’t having anyone whose unsanitary 24/7. You’ll be dismissed, consider it being hired to work with sharks.”


Violent Troublemakers injure motherbase staff, this not only decreases morale but in some rare cases can have your units in the infirmary until they fully heal, dismiss them right away to avoid this.

“We recruited you thinking you’d be helpful, instead your acting just like you were as an enemy, you’ve injured your last troop. Now you’ll die in the ocean blue. You’re dismissed. We don’t need staff acting like enemy conscripts, get the f’ck out of my sight.”

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