Immortal Life – Song Yantong’s Quest Guide

This is the guide for Song Yantong’s quest (note this is taken from Discord and might have changes in the future that causes some part to be not accurate)

Song Yantong’s Quest

Step By Step Guide:

1. 8 PM to 3 PM, you should go to Sunset Forest, on the left side Bamboo forest and right side waterfall, you should trigger 2 special events, after triggering both of them, you should then enter the Deep in the Sunset Forest.

[Edit : i have tested this, you go to sunset forest at 20:00, trigerring these event & opening new location the Deep in the Sunset Forest]

2. Unlock Deep in the Sunset Forest, Go to bed, and Visit Sunset Forest from 12 pm – 17pm the next day. You would trigger another cutscene on the left side of the Forest. (As Song Yantong goes to the forest every 2 days, so you might go to bed again if you don’t meet her there and trigger the cutscene)

3. Completed all the quests above, and reach 1 heart friendship level with Song, Go talk to her.

4. 9 PM to 3 AM, visit the forest again and trigger a new cutscene.

5. On the next day of Quest 4, visit Deep in the Forest at 6 – 18 and trigger a new cutscene.

6. After your vision gets weird in the misty valley, you have to go to the sunset forest to trigger a cutscene/quest and to collect the haze.

7. [Beehive Unlocked] In the days after, Song would send you messages by the paper crane and give you a new quest, complete that, you would learn how to craft Beehive and learn a recipe based on honey.

8. Completed the Main Quest, Completion of the Main Hall, and complete all the quests above, spend some time until you don’t get a sunny day , visit Deep in the Sunset Forest, you should trigger a cutscene (UPDATED).

9. [Silkworm House Unlocked] On the next day, visit Deep in the Sunset Forest after 8 am in the morning and trigger a cutscene.

10. [Clothes crafting System Unlocked] Build the Silkworm House and get 1 silk from scratch.
Put the Silkworms into a silkworm rack to start breeding. Feed the silkworms with Mulberry Leaves once a day to ensure the healthy growth of baby silkworms.

When the silkworms grow up, place the cocoon rack according to the prompt. After cocooning, silkworms no longer need to be fed, and they will cocoon automatically after a few days. Silkworms have a probability of producing superior cocoons.

Feed the silkworms with high-quality Mulberry Leaves to increase the probability. Put the harvested cocoons into the Silk Reeling Frame for processing to obtain silk. Silk is a necessary material for making outfits.

11. Visit Deep in the Sunset Forest and trigger the quest.

12. After completing all the quests above, you should keep receiving paper crane 5 days in a row, and complete multiple quests from Yang Ziqin.

13. One of the quests requires you to search 3 places in the Deep in the Sunset Forest.

14. Complete the main quest Potential Candidate, the special quest The Adventures of the Fox, and all quests above, You should receive a message from Yang Ziqin, and then find Yang at the Sunset Forest.

15. Go to the Sunset Forst, meet the Fox in the deep, and completed the quest (The fox would give you 3 Mulberry Leaf)

16. You would receive the paper crane from Li, and then trigger Fox cutscene at the Mystery Valley
17. Follow the little fox and go to the fishing spot, complete the quest of fishing and complete the quest of finding Tingfeng the Wanderer.

18. On the next day, find the fox in the Deep of the Sunset Forst, complete the quest and trigger a cutscene.

19. [Pet System Unlocked] Completing all the quests and finishing talking with people, you should unlock the Pet System.

20. [Song Join the Clan] Completing all the quests and finishing talking with people, there’s a party held in Misty Valley at 19:00 – 0:00, Song would join the Clan after the party.

21. [New Clothes] After Song join the clan and you already become the Supervisor of the clan, you should receive message from Song by paper crane with 3 new clothes added.

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