Hunt Showdown: Enemy Weapon Removal Guide

Hunt Showdown Enemy Weapon Removal Guide

Use two medium slot weapons to make the enemy have no guns when revived. Here’s a Guide on Removing Enemy Weapons Using Medium Slot Guns.

Enemy Weapon Removal Guide

If you want to disarm an enemy in the game, you can use two medium slot weapons. Follow the steps below to successfully remove the weapons:

Step 1: Approach the fallen enemy who has a large slot weapon and a small slot weapon.

Step 2: Take the large weapon from the enemy.

Step 3: Take the fallen medium weapon. It should be the one that’s not where the large weapon was.

Step 4: Take the other medium weapon.

Step 5: Take the large weapon again. Step 6: Finally, take the small weapon from the enemy.

After following these steps, the enemy will be revived without any weapons. To retrieve your own guns, press the ‘q’ key to switch to the small weapon and then take both of your mediums.

Scenario vs quartermaster enemy

If the enemy has a quartermaster, follow these steps:

Step 1: Take the large weapon.

Step 2: Take the fallen medium weapon.

Step 3: Take your other medium weapon.

Step 4: Take the large weapon again.

Step 5: Take the most recent fallen medium weapon.

Step 6: Take the enemy’s quartermaster medium weapon.

Inverse scenario (you large small vs enemy medium medium)

In the case of an inverse scenario where you have a small and large weapon and the enemy has two medium weapons, follow the same steps as above but take both of the enemy’s medium weapons first before proceeding to the other steps.


It’s important to note that when you trade both mediums for a large weapon twice, the weapon spot where the medium weapon falls on your feet becomes disconnected from the enemy’s hunter. Any weapon placed in this spot will not be burnable and will no longer belong to the enemy hunter. By following these steps correctly, you can effectively disarm an enemy without taking any damage.

That’s it for the Guide. I hope you guys appreciate it and are Thankful to¬†Mr Steal yo Guns for his wonderful guide. It helped us write this article.

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