How to Transfer The Binding of Isaac Rebirth Save from 3DS to PC

How to Transfer The Binding of Isaac Rebirth Save from 3DS to PC

Are you interested in having your 3DS saves on your PC? It’s possible to transfer them within just 15 minutes!

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth is a popular game that was released on the New Nintendo 3DS, which provides an enjoyable way to play the game while on the go.

However, the game’s 3DS version is overshadowed by the much superior Switch version, which has all the DLC. If you have played the game on your 3DS and want to transfer your save to your PC, you are in luck.

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of transferring your Binding of Isaac Rebirth save from your 3DS to your PC.


To begin with, you will need a hacked 3DS as the process is not possible on a stock 3DS. You will also require access to the 3DS SD card, which can be done either by using ftdp to access your SD card or  remove the SD Card from your 3DS.

You will also need Checkpoint or JKSM installed on your 3DS. Additionally, you will need a copy of Rebirth on your PC, and if you have Afterbirth installed, you will need to uninstall it (you can reinstall it later).

Steps 1

Backing up you’re save Launch Checkpoint and back up your Binding of Isaac Rebirth save. This should be a straightforward process, but if you are booting up Checkpoint for the first time, it may take some time to launch. Once done, access your SD card using your preferred method.

Step 2

Transfer Locate Checkpoint’s directory in the save that you put your homebrew in (e.g., /3ds/Checkpoint/saves/0xF7008 The Binding of Isaac Rebirth). There you will find all of your backups. If you have multiple backups, select the most recent folder and drag the files onto your desktop. You will not need your 3DS anymore at this point.

Step 3

Save Data Navigate to the Steam installation directory (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam) and find the userdata folder.

Look for your Steam ID, which should not be 0, as 0 is an anonymous login. If you have only one folder that is not 0, click that folder and look for 250900 and then remote. If you have more than one folder that is not 0, you will need to use trial-and-error to find the right one.

Once you find it, look for 250900 and then remote. If you want to keep your Steam data, make a new folder and put your old saves in it.

Then, copy any saves from the 3DS backup into this folder. If you do not want your old saves, copy the saves and overwrite any files. Finally, add “persistent” to the gamedata files.

Step 4

Check your saves After completing the previous steps, boot into Binding of Isaac Rebirth and check your saves. If the saves are present, then you are done!

That’s it for the Guide. I hope you guys appreciate it and are Thankful to Blad for his wonderful guide. It helped us write this article.

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