How to fix Elite Advanced Suit not unlocking in Dead Space 2

How to fix Elite Advanced Suit not unlocking in Dead Space 2

This is to help new dead space 2 players or old players having issues when trying to unlock the elite advanced suit on survivalist difficulty or above in Destiny 2.

Getting Elite Advanced Suit

During the chapter where you go into a mine and killed all the Necromorphs there will be a quick time event cutscene. Before starting the elevator go straight and on a cliff edge there will be an audio log and a power node and next to it will be the Elite Advanced Suit blueprint.

Now if you acquired it and had both elite advanced suit blueprint and elite advanced suit blueprint and went to the store after you survived the waves of Necromorphs and did another quick time event and didn’t see it unlock don’t worry there is a way to fix it.

First Step

If you went to the store and didn’t see it in your safe or store then click on checkpoint restart it will send you back when before using the store there is a quick time event. (I recommend not progressing further since going on the drill in the chapter creates another checkpoint meaning you won’t be able to go back to a checkpoint of the mine) This is for if you acquired both the advanced plan and elite advanced plan before starting the elevator. If you didn’t acquire it I suggest saving before going to the elevator by finding a save station.

Second Step

Drop the blueprint after getting the quick time event and pick it back up. (Pretend the gun ammo is the blueprint since I did this myself to fix it unlocking)

Third Step

Now when you go into the store it will show up keep in mind it requires a lot of credits 50,000 from scavenging containers, and crates, selling ammo and meds and status and semiconductors and killing NecroMorphs.

And there you Go!

If you do these steps right then you will be able to buy it from the store and use it keep in mind this is to fix getting the suit survivalist or above since you can’t get the elite suits in your first playthrough of Dead Space 2. Anyways I hope this Guide helps you use this cool suit in Dead Space.

What are Suits in Dead Space 2?

Suits are used to upgrade your inventory space, how much health you can hold, and protect you from damage from Necromorphs. There are some suits you will find normally in each area of the story chapters but they are hard to notice and find in your first place. Here are some examples:

Patriarch Suit(Acquired instantly if you own Severed DLC on Xbox or PlayStation)

Hacker Suit-(Acquired in a secret room if you own Dead Space Escalation (Only acquired on playstation 3 since Dead space escalation was only on Wii and PS3 and Wii doesn’t have dead space 2 to play on)

Vintage suit-( Get for free if you own Dead Space 2 on steam but its dlc armor on console versions)

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