GemCraft Chasing Shadows: Field U8 Guide

GemCraft Chasing Shadows Field U8 Guide

Field U8 is a bit of a challenge when it comes to unlocking a skill tome, more so than it would appear at first. This should be a helping hand for those having difficulties with it.

Battle Traits

By the time you will have reached this level, you will have already experimented with Battle Traits.
The screenshot in this section contains the ones I considered to be the most well suited for this objective.

Orblets are essentially a source of free mana, as you are unlikely to lose them.
Swarmling Domination is a good option thanks to the increase in, well, swarmlings. Since the tome doesn’t have any requirements other than “Kill monsters”, you won’t have to worry about keeping them cursed and/or frozen.
Lastly, Corrupted Banishment. Since the best way to deal with monsters is to more or less instantly kill them, the drawback of the trait is essentially nonexistent.

Haste might not be too bad, provided that you can manage to kill monsters fast enough.

DO NOT use:
Giant Domination – giants are already difficult to kill. Increasing their health and armor only makes it harder.
Adaptive Carapace – same thing, but is separate from armor. Combining those 2 makes monsters VERY hard to kill if they take more than one shot.
Hatred – more base HP, more HP growth. Do you need any explanation why harder to kill monsters are a bad idea ?

Skills and Talisman

Foreword: I am the type of person to make up for skill with excessive grinding.

While it is very much possible to do everything without this much preparation, it helps nonetheless.
The best option to bring are increased damage ( mostly to giants and reavers ), freeze cooldown ( better safe than let monsters get to far ), enchantment spell cooldown ( mostly beam since it acts as an attack speed buff ) and initial mana ( the faster you set up the tower and amplifiers, the faster you can enrage waves for more monsters ).

Map Layout

For starters, the best way to do this is to force all monsters to pass by the tome location. Hopefully the walls placed should be visible enough in the screenshot bellow.

To make sure the tower doesn’t attack enemies outside the tome chamber’s range ( and the nest which gives more enemies ), use the mouse wheel to reduce the gem’s range.

Please ignore the number of waves. The screenshot of the layout was taken in endurance mode, partially motivated because at the moment I was under a time limit caused by a spire heading for the orb from outside the tower’s reduced range.

Closing thoughts

First, the title. Your reward to committing mass genocide against the monsters of a demon who wants to pretty much bring the end of the world ( no need to feel sorry for them ) is the very loved Chain Hit skill. No more worries about being overwhelmed by monsters ( mostly swarmlings ). Hopefully.

Now the boring part.

Is the guide uglier than The Forgotten ? Yes. I never said I was good at editing.

Why did I make this guide even though I already made one with the same purpose before ? Because the other one’s screenshots were as readable as the cyrillic alphabet written in cursive. 

That’s it for the GemCraft Chasing Shadows Guide. I hope you guys appreciate it and are Thankful to Fission Mailed for his wonderful guide. All credits belong to his effort If you find this guide useful, kindly rate it on the Steam Community.

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