Fishards: Spell Combo Guide

Fishards Spell Combo Guide

I been playing the game and i like it so im going to list all 2 spells combo so you can have an idea what synergises with what. Warning that this will talk about magic combos, like the all the spells you can make with fire and air and not just meteor

here is the rating:
5/5 – powerful with anything else
4/5 – powerful if you know what your doing
3/5 – not good on its own, but with the right build…
2/5 – only if you very skilled with the spells
1/5 – only if you want one specific spell

Spell Combo Guide


Keep your enemies dead

Fire and air

A really reliable combo, every spell covers it other disadvantages, but i would recommend getting a quick spell for the 3rd magic and is good to remember that this has no defensive spells

Fire and arcane

A safe way of going close range, i would put this in a inbetween of defensive and offensive but fire blast is basically the shotgun spell, and the other two spells can help forcing the fishard to get closer to you

fire and goo

The “Get over here” build, this is the place where grab shiness the most, but i requires a lot of precision to hit the grab and if you don’t go all out then you may be one dying it

air and goo

sure you get rock dash which is nice but totem, totem is the most versatile spell in the game and sure you can use it to double heal or arcane shield but its way cooler when you hit a meteor or make a fireball gatling gun, it REALLY depends on your skill the power of the totem

arcane and goo

At first you might think “SNIPER BUILD”, well sorry to shatter your dreams but the only part of sniper is the range, the way this is supposed to work is as a “final hit” spell since you are stunned when using it is more useful when you just want a quick ranged shot to a lown heath fishard running away



Keep you alive


The end

Remember that i only made this guide because i was bored so it probably has flaws, and that why you can comment on it! Tell me if im overreacting on the power of a combo or if another combo is actually super op and im just dumb.

That’s it for the Guide. I hope you guys appreciate it and are Thankful to MAAT1556 for his wonderful guide. All credits belong to his effort If you find this guide useful, kindly rate it on the Steam Community.

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