Devil May Cry: 100% Achievement Guide

Devil May Cry 100% Achievement Guide

DMC, the first game in the Devil May Cry series, has a total of 33 achievements. While 12 of these are story-related and cannot be missed, the others should come naturally as you play. Here are some tips for the 5 achievements that are more complicated or require special care during your playthroughs.

100% Achievement Guide

The Secret’s Out: There are 12 Secret Missions in the game, most of which require backtracking to previously visited areas at certain specific times. You can find some of them by chance, but getting all of them without a guide can be challenging. The Secret Missions can be completed over several playthroughs, but it is recommended to complete them on Normal difficulty. Completing them is essential to maximize your health bar.

Blue Devil: To maximize your health bar, you need to acquire all the Blue Orbs available in the game. This requires completing all the Secret Missions, finding all the Blue Orb Fragments hidden in the environment, and purchasing all 7 Blue Orbs from the shop. Getting a larger health bar is obviously going to make your life longer and easier, so it’s worth working on this early on.

The Devil Made Me Do It: Yellow Orbs are used to revive Dante when you die in combat. If you have any Yellow Orbs in your inventory, it will be used automatically and you will respawn right before the fight that caused your demise. If not, you will have to restart the whole mission. To achieve the Yellow Orbs achievement, just make sure to reset and reload a previous save any time you die, directly after using a Yellow Orb. It is recommended to go for this on Normal difficulty, to minimize the frustration.

I Read You Like A Book: You can access the Enemy Files from the Files tab in your in-game menu. Each enemy has between 1 and 14 paragraphs, mostly describing its different abilities or weaknesses, which are unlocked by witnessing the enemy perform certain moves or performing certain actions against it. Most entries will unlock naturally as you play, but some entries can only be obtained in Normal difficulty.

Combustible: The highest difficulty, Dante Must Die, can get frustratingly difficult at times. It’s mostly the bosses that are problematic, as they become very tanky and do a lot of damage. To mitigate the difficulty, use items like Untouchable, Devil Star, and Holy Water. You can make additional playthroughs in Normal/Hard to stock up on those items before starting Dante Must Die. Once you start Dante Must Die, you’re stuck in it, so it is possible to end up essentially blocked if you’re not prepared.

Other Achievements: There are a few other achievements that should come naturally as you work towards the ones mentioned above, such as purchasing all of Dante’s skills, performing an S Rank Combo using Alastor/Ifrit, achieving an S Rank on any mission, and clearing a mission without taking damage.

The Devil’s in the Details: To achieve true mastery, it is essential to purchase all of Dante’s skills, especially the upgrades to the two main melee weapons, Alastor and Ifrit. Upgrading these weapons should be your first priority.

Thunderstruck and Hot as Hell: To perform an S Rank Combo using Alastor or Ifrit, you may find it challenging when starting out. However, as you become more familiar with the combat system and increase your Devil Trigger bar, it will become harder to avoid. Make sure to use both weapons and don’t always stick with the same one, as some enemies have clear vulnerabilities to one or the other.

Smashin Sensation: Achieving an S Rank on any mission requires completing it quickly enough, collecting enough red orbs, avoiding taking too much damage, and not using any items. While this may come naturally to some during their first playthrough, it should not be a problem later on as you master combat, learn about your enemies, and stop getting lost in the game. Mission 13 is an easy S Rank on any difficulty, simply kill the first two blades and swim past the others.

Untouchable: Clearing a mission without taking any damage may seem impossible at first, but with persistence, you can achieve it. If it’s still missing when you have most of the other achievements, find a short mission or one where most enemies can easily be skipped (such as Mission 2 or 5) and replay it a few times until you achieve this feat.

By focusing on these key achievements and mastering the details of the game, you’ll be well on your way to achieving mastery in Devil May Cry.

Completing these achievements can take some time and effort, but following these tips should make it easier and less frustrating. Good luck.

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