Destiny 2: All Neomuna Region Chests

Destiny 2 All Neomuna Region Chests

This guide will show you where to find each of the nine Region Chests on Neomuna in Destiny 2.

Region Chests

This guide will help you find each of the Region Chests on Neomuna; there are only nine in total.

They’re actually quite an easy find, so if you want the sense of Pride and Accomplishment:tm: of finding them yourself, now’s your chance to navigate away!
For the most part, you can find all of these yourself by simply walking to them on the map.

I have arbitrarily assigned a number to each of the Region Chests on this map:

Please note that this numbering may be inconsistent with any user in the API or in other guides.

The Region Chests are divided evenly between each region:
– Three in Ahimsa Park
– Three in Zephyr Concourse
– Three in Límíng Harbor.

Ahimsa Park (1/9):
On the northeast side of the map, find a cliff facing the great big Calus Sphinx statue. From there, peer down the edge of the cliffside- there is a path that leads down the cliffside and into a small cave, where the Region Chest lives.

Ahimsa Park (2/9):
This Region Chest is inside a tiny crevice, between a rock formation and the side of Calus’s mothership.
The crevice is behind the rock formation in the center of this screenshot.

From Region Chest #1, travel along the path towards the Calus Sphinx statue, but instead of entering the doorway, turn right and walk between the side of the building and the rock formation to find the hole to the Region Chest.

Ahimsa Park (3/9):
On the southern edge of the map, there are some buildings overlooking the skyline.
Platform up the side of the building using the clear glass sunshades. Or don’t, whatever. Do it however you want, I’m not your mom.
Zephyr Concourse

Zephyr Concourse (4/9):
Start at the Striders’ Gate fast-travel point and travel down to the Zephyr Concourse.
The Region Chest is high up on a balcony rooftop.
To get to it, immediately upon entering the area, jump onto the ledge on the right, then turn left and jump onto the clear glass cover, then onto the pink rooftop next to it.

Zephyr Concourse (5/9):
You can spot this Region Chest in a storefront, behind a layer of smug bulletproof glass.
However, aforementioned smug bulletproof glass is bulletproof, so we need to take a less direct route.
From the storefront, turn around and jump off the balcony, then turn left to find what is presumably a gym with some exercise equipment inside. The window to the gym is broken, making the interior accessible, and you will find a vent inside that leads to the room with the Region Chest.

Zephyr Concourse (6/9):
From the round pavilion in the center of the region, head south-east, towards the side of the map with the glowing pink neon animated billboard.
Look down over the edge; there are three clear glass sunshades. Jump onto the leftmost one to find the Region Chest.
Límíng Harbor

Límíng Harbor (7/9):
You can see this Region Chest quite plainly behind two spinning fans. There are no hidden puzzles, locked doors, or mechanics- it’s really that simple. Heck, the fans don’t even kill you.

Límíng Harbor (8/9):
This Region Chest is inside the main building in the center of the region, high up on a transparent walkway. Walk inside and jump up.

Límíng Harbor (9/9):
This Region Chest can be found on the southwest corner of the region, next to the sea. Look for a yellow building; there are platforms between it and the adjacent building that form a very simple platforming challenge.

Thanks to DoomKitten, who helped me take pictures and write descriptions for this guide!
Thanks also to DoomKitten’s cats, who provided miscellaneous support (standing in front of the screen, looking cute, occasionally throwing up hairballs)

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As the season progresses, I’ll make guide content for all of the collectible secrets we find within Lightfall. Stay tuned for more.

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