Cult of the Lamb: Cooking Guide

Cult of the Lamb Cooking Guide

This is a guide on how to cook in Cult of the Lamb a really good meal for your followers and even can be useful for your daily life. So here’s a Cooking guide:

Step 1: Build a Cooking Fire

Once you start your cult, the first thing you will build in this game is a cooking fire. To build one you need the materials that are showing right there in the image I mean you are not dumb to see an image do you? Once you have enough materials to build a cooking fire just build it:

Step 2: Place the Cooking Fire

Once you have your marvelous cooking fire choose the most epic and awesome place to place your also epic cooking fire for cooking like a pro and to make Gordon Ramsey proud of you:

Step 3: Cook in the Cooking Fire

Once you’ve placed your cooking fire now cook your very first epic meal. As you can see you can cook a delicious gamer meal called BASIC BERRY BOWL!!! EPIIIIK!! now cook:

Step 4: Feel the power of the Cooking Fire

Now you have to do an awesome minigame to have your epic meal right up. Do not mess it up pls because your followers are hungry and they will die if they starve to be a good cult leader

Step 5: Eat the Cooking Fire

Once you have completed the epic minigame, now is time to enjoy your epic gamer meal and also your followers will do! this is so amazing you finally know how to cook

I really hope this guide was useful for you in the game and in your real life because probably you don’t know how to cook and if you say you do that’s because you are actually lying and even if it’s true you know how to cook you will burn house anyways.. THANK YOU FOR READING!

Important Advice:

The branding image I used for this guide comes from a meme on Reddit from the r/CoTL_Memes subreddit. If you are the OC of this image and also of the meme this image comes from, please report yourself in the comment section so I could give you the credits you deserve.

That’s it for the Cult of the Lamb cooking guide. I hope you guys appreciate it and are Thankful to Kruseidah for his wonderful guide. All credits belong to his effort If you find this guide useful, kindly rate it on the Steam Community.

Thanks for your attention!

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