Crypt of the NecroDancer: How to become SWAG with Klarinetta

Crypt of the NecroDancer How to become SWAG with Klarinetta

This guide will help you play with Klarinetta, a mechanically difficult character to initially understand.

The basics

Klarinetta only wields a unique, as-big-as-my-depression weapon, the Zweihander. It deals 1 heart of damage and has no variations.

This weapon is carried along in an adjacent diagonal square, all the time, and deals contact damage to any foe that enters its reach. The sword length is 1 square.

Tip: Klarinetta deals no damage by simply walking towards an enemy!

There are two types of sword movements:

half swing, where the sword is moved to a near diagonal space.

For this guide, this kind of movement will be avoided as a means to deal damage to foes. Instead, it will be used for a more comfortable positioning of the sword.

full swing, where the sword is moved to the opposite diagonal space.

Now, this is where things get exciting: You can use full swings in any situation. As seen on the image, there’s no adjacent square uncovered by the entirety of the full swings.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the subject.


As said, this guide will cover the art of spin to win, that is, full swings. Our goal is to use the Zweihander not as a poking stick or as a broadsword. No, at the end of this guide, you will feel more like the pixelated version of this.


A full swing can be performed in two ways:

  • Press the key combinations in the opposite direction of the sword. If the sword is facing the down-left square, press up + right to perform a full swing. This will result in a clockwise full swing.
  • Press the key combinations towards the sword. If the sword is facing the down-left square, press down + left to perform a full swing. This will result in a counterclockwise full swing.

Although the key combination change from one position to the other, they all follow the same rule: Either press the combination that points toward the sword or in the opposite direction.

Now we’re over with the definitions, let’s get to what really matters.

THE STRATEGY: Making it easier for us humans

Let’s make it simple, shall we?

If you try all full swings combinations with Klarinetta, you might want to pay attention to a very happy phenomenon: Every single key combination using the left key WILL make the sword travel through the squares below, while every combination using the right key WILL make the sword travel through the squares above.

We can extract a strategy from this:

If a foe is above you, you want to use the combination that has the right key. If it’s below, you want to use the combination that has the left key.

The extra

Avoid direction over the position

Positions are reliable, directions aren’t. Pressing the down + left key may not make the weapon swing towards the left or down. Instead, think about the position of the monsters relative to Klarinetta and her sword, as shown in the images above.

Sword positioning

The position of the Zweihander will become less and less important over time, as it covers any adjacent square. However, for training purposes, it’s great to start with a plan. So think about things like this:

“I’ll probably face enemies from below and from the left. I can leave my sword to the down-right position and use left + up to hit them. I can press left + up again to get the sword into the initial position. If any monster come from above, I use down + right”.

Repeated combo and spinning

Hitting the same key combos will make the sword travel through the same area twice. Alternating between opposite directions (for example, left + down then up + right) will make a 360 degrees spin.

The repeated key combo is used most of the time, as it will help take down enemies with more than 1 HP. The alternated key combo is useful when cornered by enemies.

Know you will mess up sometimes, but it’s okay

Messing up combos is really common, especially in situations where there are a lot of monsters. But that’s alright, as Klarinetta comes with strong armor. If that happens, take a step back (with the character) and try to position yourself to defeat the monster. Once done, think about what went wrong.

The demonstration

Although it has no key feedback, I’ve published a YouTube video of myself using Klarinetta and beating All Zones Mode. Please note the video is 6 months old and I wasn’t as experienced with the character as I am now. The video can be accessed here:

And, with that, we conclude this guide. It takes a while to get used to this character, but she’s as fun as she’s challenging.

If you have any questions, tips, suggestions, feedback, or if you just want to say hi, please leave a comment. It will be very appreciated.

That’s it for the Crypt of the NecroDancer guide. I hope you guys appreciate it and are Thankful to utoto for his wonderful guide. All credits belong to his effort If you find this guide useful, kindly rate it on the Steam Community.

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