Company of Heroes 3: The Cover-Up Achievement Guide

Company of Heroes 3 The Cover-Up Achievement Guide

Greetings! I’ll guide you through getting the cover-up achievement. Although the screenshots contain Polish dialogues, they are not crucial to the process. They can always be translated if needed. As this is my first guide, I hope it will be clear and helpful for you.

The Cover-Up Achievement Guide

Step 1: Capture Bari

To succeed in the game, it’s crucial not to occupy airports near Bari or Fogglia. Once you capture the port of Bari, you’ll receive information that German bombers will target it, so it’s essential to strengthen your anti-aircraft defense. However, the article suggests waiting rather than taking action.

Step 2: Wait

When you notice several ships arriving at the port of Bari, targeted by bombers, wait for the bomber plane to move from the airport to Bari before making any moves. Now wait for several turns and don’t do anything with their units until the bomber was already moving towards Bari.

Step 3: Complete a Side Quest in Bari

After the bombing, the side quest “Bari Health Disaster” will appear. General Norton will inform you about the casualties in Bari and the need for reinforcements. You must direct your troops to the city and complete the task in five turns. Your unit must be in the port for at least three turns.

Step 4: Enjoy the Achievement

After completing the quest in three turns, you’ll receive the cover-up achievement and enjoy the satisfaction of succeeding in the game.

Step 5: Share Your Success

Share your success stories and feedback in the comments section to help others achieve their goals in the game.

That’s it for the Guide. I hope you guys appreciate it and are Thankful to Wojtrox for his wonderful guide. It helped us write this article.

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