Chained Echoes: Beat God King Gaemdriel Guide

Chained Echoes Beat God King Gaemdriel Guide

Welcome to this guide on how to beat God King Gaemdriel in your favorite RPG game! Gaemdriel is a challenging boss that requires careful planning and execution to defeat.

In this guide, we will provide you with some tips and strategies that will help you take down this powerful foe. So gear up, prepare your party, and let’s get started on defeating God King Gaemdriel!

How to Defeat God King Gaemdriel (Optional Boss)

Guide to Beat God King Gaemdriel:

  1. Use Egyl during the physical phase of the fight. When using Egyl, make sure to use the move that has a 75% chance of tanking all physical hits, and heal him accordingly to keep him alive.
  2. Use Glenn for all break to ensure that Egyl survives the tanking. Glenn’s abilities will help break the boss’s defenses, allowing Egyl to deal more damage.
  3. Use Mikah for DPS. Mikah is a powerful damage dealer and can help take down the boss’s health quickly.
  4. When the boss goes into his magic phase, use Mikah’s larynx attack to silence him. This will prevent him from using powerful attacks or inflicting status effects on your team. Bring Robb along to remove the boss’s silence resistance so that Mikah can silence him again when he returns to the magic phase. Make sure Mikah lands the attack as her silence lasts for three turns.
  5. Use oil, heavy wet, or any other element of your choice and use Lenne’s third eye attack of the same element on the boss. Repeat this process until the boss is defeated. When the boss uses regen, make sure to dispel it with either Lenne or Bal to prevent him from healing.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of beating God King Gaemdriel in the game. So what are you waiting go and taste the victory.

I hope it helped you guys kudos to Laharl for writing amzaing stuff. It surely helped us.

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