Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2- How To Finish The Battle Pass Without Grinding

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 How To Finish The Battle Pass Without Grinding

Maybe you’d like to finish the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 battle pass this season. Well, the devs have nerfed progression to a snails pace and there are only 55 days to complete the pass. You could play the game for 5 hours every single day like it’s your full-time job, or you could do it while being productive.

Here’s what you need to do


1. Launch the game and open DMZ.

2. Do not equip any guns, we won’t need them.

3. Do not matchmake with randoms, choose to spawn solo.

4. Launch a match, and wait to spawn in.

5. Immediately upon spawning, look for a hiding spot. Somewhere sneaky, near the border, or hidden in a shadow where you don’t think anyone will snoop. Bushes also work well. Go prone.

6. ALT + Tab out of the game and do something else. Play another game, browse Reddit, and vacuum your home. It’s really up to you. There is currently no AFK timer in DMZ and you will not be removed.

7. Wait ~30 minutes, let the radiation gas kill you.

8. You will earn a Token in nearly every game. Launch a new game, repeat.

Why does this work?

Battle pass progression is based almost entirely on time spent in the game, not performance or any other metric. Just AFK in DMZ and you will finish the pass eventually while you are productive and happy.

Additional considerations

In the Audio Options turn “Mute Game When Minimized” to ON. This will allow you to minimize the game window while muting the sound allowing you to do other things on your PC.

Optional: change from fullscreen to windowed while farming. This will allow you to open and close the window without having to ALT TAB.

If you spawn close to an Intel tower, consider moving outside of its range. If a player activates the tower they can sniff you out. These spawns seem to be on the rare side, but it does happen.

It’s rare but an enemy squad could get you for a Hunt Squad contract and you’re pretty much out of luck. Once again, it’s rare but it does happen.

(Note: I am 85% done with the pass and this has not personally happened to me, it’s RARE)

If you wait for all the way to the end of the round sometimes you can take the last chopper out to get those pesky calling cards!

Let me know in the comments if you have any more information I should consider.

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