A Little Golf Journey – 100% Achievement Guide

A Little Golf Journey Achievement Guide

Here is a list of some of the collectibles and shots needed to 100% the game. This is not a full walkthrough.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Assist Mode

Highly recommend for less stress!

Sway strength is required in order to complete all stars. All other assists are very helpful and undo makes the whole game a lot more chill.

Stars & Blue Things

Use the map to see when you’re missing stars or blue things. You can also use this to warp back to a world. You still have to roll around from level to level though.

Achievements that are related:

  • Make Me a Star
  • Starry Eyed
  • Blue thing, I think I love you

Additionally, you’ll naturally get Super Powered as you play.

If you’re having trouble with a strategy for a hole or cannot figure out where a blue thing is hidden (probably under a tree), check out Gearomatic Games! He did a full play through and got all stars and all Blue things.

Secret Exits

Use assist mode to turn off challenge timers if you’re struggling.

1-3 cube challenge
1-5 hole on the island
1-7 lighthouse door
1-8 cube challenge
1-10 cube challenge

2-2 cube challenge
2-4 shaking tree
2-6 shaking tree
2-7 cube challenge
2-8 cube challenge
2-10 cube challenge

3-3 shaking cactus
3-5 shaking cactus

4-2 in rock formation
4-3 wisp
4-4 rock formation door
4-5 wisp
4-8 cube challenge?

5-3 in snowman hat see screenshot

5-4 cube challenge
5-5 cube challenge
5-6 hole in the ice
5-9 cube challenge

6-3 in middle ruin
6-5 cube challenge
6-7 island behind hole

7-2 shaking vase
7-3 cube challenge
7-5 shaking vase
7-7 shaking vase
7-9 cube challenge

8-3 cube challenge?
8-7 cube challenge
8-9 cube challenge

9-3 smaller hole to the left of start (easier to see without big holes on)

9-9 smaller hole straight ahead


Hole 3-1

Assist mode bigger holes would help too. This achievement is required for all stars.

Golfy McGolfFace

All 9 boats are in world one.

1-2 (two boats)
1-10 (two boats)


Minigolf levels are hidden behind secret exits


7-0 has a tricky invisible platform to get all stars. Here’s a screenshot to help.

Threading the Needle

Level 6-4

It Belongs In A Museum

I found this easiest in 7-14 near the flag.

Geometry Rush

This is one isn’t too bad, especially in assist mode with undo and bounce prediction on. It is fully doable without any assists.

The final cavern 9-13 has 6 holes. The final hole is the only one where you need to count your shots.

The challenge of the level is that you are moving around the outside of the goal on moving platforms. The trick is every time to see a wall form in front of you, you need to either let yourself fall, or press undo when the platform behind you has formed.

Basically if you ever fall, the game will try to place you on your last spot you were sitting successfully. This will allow you to save shots or with assist mode, remove shots to make the amount of shots easier. There are two walls that need to be bypassed this way along the left side.

After about 6-8 shots along the left you will hit a section with a moving circle. Wait until a little nook to the right appears and quickly shoot in to there. The next shot can be tough, but you want to hop to the left of the moving hole to another small nook. The timing on this is tough because the platform will be disappearing behind you and it won’t quite be formed where you’re shooting. Then you’ll have to do one last shot to the edge of the platform past where the moving circle stops.

Next is another wall you’ll need to reset or undo a shot to pass. Then go forward another 3 platforms and look backwards. There will be a platform back to the right forming. There is a small raised lip to help you stay properly on the platform but it can be tricky without prediction.

Then you will just follow the line of platforms in front of you until you reach the middle platform you couldn’t hit from the start. Try to land to the edge of the platform if you can. Once you hit the switch in the middle, the hole will move straight through the platform and if you’re ball is in that path, you’re in trouble!

Ideally you want to land your ball close to the goal and off to the side. Hit the switch, wait and power shot your way into the light for victory! You need to be under 24 shots to nab this achievement, so it’s handy to keep a count and restart if you’re over. Restarting the level will just restart hole 6. If you finish the level, you have to replay holes 1-5 before replaying 6.

Good luck!

Incomplete & Spelunking

You will get Incomplete when you finish the final level with stars. You can have all 400 stars and 60 or the 61 blue things OR less to get this achievement and view the credits.

There will be one final cavern 9-13 afterwards to beat and that will get you spelunking.

So that is it for today. Officially written and produced by SuperKimbit’s. You can find this article by clicking on this link.

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