Blossom's story

There was a big celebration in the family. Grandad was turning 60!. Months of planning ahead took place, eventually we found the villa of everyone’s dreams. It had the perfect location, sun, pool, games room, large outdoor living space and most important on our tick list, a fence for the pool.

 On August 21st 2016 we set off with all of the family on holiday to Spain. All the children were over the moon and couldn’t wait to get there, especially Blossom, she had been at swimming lessons for 18 months and was very excited. On arrival the villa was perfect, but of course all the children had one thing on their mind. The pool, so it was a quick outfit change and we all had our first dip and enjoyed the afternoon sun.  We all played together for about an hour until the food arrived. The pool gate was locked, the children were all dried off ready to eat their evening meal.

 During the meal Blossom slipped out of supervision. Immediately we started to look for Blossom, the more obvious places checked first, the toilet, garden swings, games room, not thinking for a second she would be in the pool, the pool was checked. It was there we found Blossom unconscious in the water, with both gates locked we can only assume that Blossom had climbed over the fence.

 Blossom was not breathing and we could not feel a pulse, We immediately began CPR at the poolside and attempted to call emergency services. We had been in the country a few hours, we did not speak Spanish, we didn’t know the address of the property, We did not know what number to ring. We were panicked, frightened, upset. Family members ran to the road side flagging down cars trying to explain the situation. It is unknown to this day how an air ambulance arrived but after 45 minutes of CPR an air ambulance landed within the property.

The helicopter emergency team managed to stabilise Blossom and transferred her to the nearest emergency unit, but due an accidental drowning with another child who arrived before Blossom, Blossom was transferred to another hospital with a more equipped intensive care unit.

Despite the language barrier, the hospital staff were very good at keeping us updated on Blossoms condition. They were compassionate and sensitive to our needs. It was a long four nights of the unknown waiting for news of investigations and results.  We then received what we feared most over the four days of waiting, lack of oxygen had caused extensive damage to Blossom’s brain. Blossom was confirmed brain stem death and her life support was removed. Blossom passed away peacefully with her family at her bedside on the 25th August 2016

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The aims of the charity

The advancement health and the saving of lives by the provision of teaching and training in water safety, swimming instruction and rescue and response skills including cardiopulmonary resuscitation.  

The advancement of physical education through the medium of swimming and lifesaving.

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